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Earthrise from Apollo 8
We only have one planet to live on and to share with others. This is our home that we all need to look after. (Earthrise photo from Apollo 8)

Our everyday activities have an impact on the environment and people around us; the choice is ours to make it a positive one. In a world of seven billion people, or even on a city scale, our actions may seem negligible, but all together they amount to a great deal. If every human being on this planet consumed the same amount of energy and resources as we do in the UK, we would need another two planets to sustain our lifestyle. Yet, the Earth is the only planet that we know of which can support life and we’re sharing it with many other people as well as millions of other species. In this section of the website we want to share ideas on how we can all make a positive difference in our personal lives by choosing one planet living, and how you can help St Nicks – a small York-based charity with a big vision.

St Nicks wouldn’t exist without people willing to take action for the benefit of their community. You can support us in a variety of ways with your skills, time, money, links or passion. Whether you decide to volunteer, join us, take part in events, make a donation, hire the Centre, help raise funds, recycle with us or spread the word, your support will be much appreciated and will be making a positive difference for York.

This page was last updated 2 Aug 2018