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It’s Veganuary! In our first January week nine St Nicks’ staff members, who were not vegan or veggie already, managed to have 23 vegan and 24 veggie days between us. It’s been challenging, especially thanks to festive leftovers which shouldn’t be wasted, but has made everyone think a bit more about where their food comes from. Whether it’s animal rights, health or the environmental impacts that speak to you, reducing the UK’s meat consumption and adopting the planetary health diet would be good for the climate and us all. Being full-time vegan is not a sure-fire way to reduce the environmental impact of your diet but signing up to Veganuary is a fun and supportive way to give a plant-based diet a go. If meat and dairy are too hard to give up, eating less but better is a good choice.

You will find more tips of the week on this page.