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Eco Book Club

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The club normally meets on Thursday mornings and offers friendly social sessions for those interested in books and literature with a link to the natural world. There is no pressure to read the book independently, the experienced tutor picks passages for the group to enjoy as a shared reading experience each week. This is followed by a guided walk around the reserve and discussion over a hot drink and biscuits. Each session ends with a poem or thought for the day.

[March 2020] Sadly, due to the COVID-19 lockdown we’ve had to suspend all our face to face group activities. However, our tutor William is keeping in touch with participants over email. Each week he sends a poem or two, and sometimes something longer, along with nature observations that the group has shared with him. If you are interested in joining Eco Book Club online please contact us.

Here’s a poem read a couple of times at Book Club as there can be something very comforting in the familiarity of a poem. The poem feels fresh like it could have just been written, but it’s a couple of hundred years old.


Sudden Shower
by John Clare

Black grows the southern sky betokening rain

And humming hive-bees homeward hurry by;

They feel the change – so let us shun the grain

And take the broad road while our feet are dry.

Ay, there some dropples moistened in my face

And pattered on my hat – ’tis coming nigh –

Let’s look about and find a sheltering place.

The little things around, like you and I,

Are hurrying through the grass to shun the shower.

Singing Wren

Wren singing at St Nicks

Here stoops an ash tree – hark, the wind gets high,

But never mind, this ivy for an hour,

Rain as it may, will keep us dryly here.

That little wren knows well his sheltering bower

Nor leaves his dry house though we come so near.



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