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Thanks to Historic England for a sweet £127!

Historic England Bake Off

The Planning Group of Historic England office in York have a charity Bake Off every year in which the staff compete to win the contest and raise funds for a local charity. This year we were the lucky charity to be chosen to benefit. Not only did our Outreach Officer Ivana got to try all the delicious cakes inspired by individual bakers’ favourite places (each came with a personal story of why the baker chose to make it) and talk to the group about St Nicks, the sweet event raised a brilliant £127.

Bake Off displayMany thanks to all who contributed, we’ll definitely be inviting the team to our next Autumn Fayre Bake Off!

If you’d like to organise a fundraising event for St Nicks, please get in touch so that we can support your efforts. We’ll be celebrating 20 years as a charity in 2018 – could you help us make it big?




19 December 2017