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Recycling tender victory

recycler David
Recycling Officer David Hammond with a well-deserved cuppa after collecting around 200kg of recyclable materials

We are thrilled to announce we have won a five-year extension to the residential recycling contract we have with City of York Council. We are so proud to be able to continue our service for over 2,500 city centre households enabling them to recycle!

Our Recycling Team uses an electric vehicle and load-bearing tricycles, making our collections quiet and low on carbon emissions, which means that we are not contributing to air pollution issues in York. Below you can see a record of just one of many tricycle trips that our team makes every week. Not only is our service the only community-run one left in the UK, we believe we also have the fittest team because of all the cycling and heavy lifting they do.

The service is also popular with our users as shown in just some of the feedback we’ve received:

One of David's journeys on tricycle

A record of just one of many David’s journeys on tricycle, logged as part of York Winter Challenge

This news is good not just for those who live on one of the streets we collect from. This contract allows us to continue collecting extra items at the Environment Centre which helps support the charity – see this page for more details on how to turn items such as plastic pens or trigger heads from cleaning products into 2p per item as well as new products. It will also make our Waste Busters’ Fest on 17th June even more jolly than planned already. We hope to see you there!

1 March 2017