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Record recycling rates!

Did you know in the first month of lockdown the volumes of residential recycling increased by over 50%? Many residents used their time at home to have clear outs of old paperwork and it kept us very busy! If you are thinking about having a clear out remember to be responsible, many household waste recycling sites aren’t fully open yet. Charity shops are still not open or have been swamped with stock so you may need to store things a bit longer before you can donate them. It’s worth listing items on Freecycle (you can do bundles of books and clothing if they are the same size) or on one of the many local Facebook pages designed just for that. We have a weekly “Free Stuff Friday” thread on our Zero Waste York Facebook group. There is also an online charity shop service where you scan or upload the barcodes of your books, DVDs, CDs and video games, Ziffit will give you a valuation and when you reach ten items they’ll send you a free postage label and arrange a courier to collect. When they’ve recieved the items they donate the value to a charity of your choice.

25 June 2020 | Tags: City of York Council, increased waste, lockdown, recycling rate, york recycling