St Nicks

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24 Nov

Christmas Wreath Challenge Results

Our Chief Officer Tom Waring stepped in at the last minute to judge the contest because, sadly, Anneliese Emmans Dean was unwell (we’re sending her our best wishes). He had a tough job – all wreaths used some upcycled materials and all are lovely! In the end he settled on the “little corkers choir wreath” […]

03 Nov

October visitors

As well as our busy Autumn Fayre, we hosted a number of visiting groups this October. We gave a tour of St Nicks and talked about our projects to three student groups from Askham Bryan College and University of York. The Centre was hired by the National STEM Learning Centre and Sustrans who use it as an inspiring […]

25 Oct

Eco-Crafters’ Christmas Wreath Challenge

Our Eco-Crafters Club is setting you a crafty challenge: design and make a Christmas wreath out of whatsover you choose. It can be traditional, modern or quirky – the world is your oyster. If you use any recycled materials though, you will get an extra point in your score! The club will award a £20 craft […]

23 Oct

Autumn (or was it summer?) Fayre

We could not have wished for lovelier weather for this year’s Autumn Fayre! The unseasonal warmth brought out over 300 visitors (as well as lots of ladybirds) who enjoyed the variety of activities on offer and relaxed atmosphere. We were particularly pleased to have brilliant musicians Paul Young , Helen Bell and Wordy Band playing great music which even […]

17 Oct

Banking for bees

Big thanks to Hungate York Regeneration, our local LendLease team, for building homes of a different kind: a “bee bank” for mining bees! Using sand left over from York Urban Buzz project by Buglife, busy pollinators such as the “plasterer” Davies Mining Bee will be able to use this new habitat to burrow and lay eggs in […]

10 Oct

It’s World Mental Health Day

We’re celebrating the World Mental Health Day with this great video demonstrating how we innovatively make positive changes in mental health – one plant at a time. We hope you like it as much as we do and if you’d like to improve your wellbeing through ecotherapy, please get in touch. Big thanks go to our partners […]

27 Sep

Lord Mayor’s success!

The long-awaited result is here: an amazing £49,111 was raised through the joint fundraising efforts with our fellow Lord Mayor’s Charities of 2016-17 York Racial Equality Network, York LGBT Forum and York Civic Trust. Some monies went to other charities involved in regular events so our total share is £10,300, most of which will go towards our York Becks Project. […]

22 Sep

Pictures from the Scythe Fest

How did our first Meadow Keepers‘ Scythe Fest go? Despite some rain we had a great afternoon which one participant summed up: “Something so different but enjoyable. I used to scythe and it’s fantastic to see a refreshing new focus on it now and see how the whole community can get involved in taking care of […]

01 Sep

Video of St Nicks Wastebusters in Micklegate Run Soapbox Challenge

Our brilliant wastebusting recycling team took part in the Micklegate Run Soapbox Challenge on 28th August 2017.  Just like the thousands watching the race, they had a fun time on the day competing with another 50 teams for the trophy. There were some amazing and snazzy looking soapbox carts, plenty of which had professional help in […]

25 Aug

Introducing our local community to our wonderful wildlife

Thanks to a grant of £2,000 from TCV and People’s Health Trust through their Local People project, we are able to deliver a series of workshops to engage members of the local community in nature and its conservation by raising awareness of local issues and breaking down barriers in accessing nature. Our first session was […]