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Need a waste audit?

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Our Recycling Team recently carried out their latest waste audit for a company with 200 staff. A previous waste audit elsewhere has resulted in that organisation reducing both the frequency of general waste collections and the number of bins they had, with their general waste falling by over a third. Alongside the carbon impact, this has saved the company thousands of pounds per year.

In the last few years the team have helped businesses ranging in size from 20 staff to over 200. One business director has said: “It’s been eye opening, the changes we are going to make won’t cost the business any money – in fact they will save us money on unnecessary purchases as well as reducing the number of general waste collections we need to pay for.

waste audit

What’s in your organisation’s rubbish bins?

The key things we report back to the businesses are simple changes they can make to processes or policies. These can and do have significant impacts on the volume of waste they produce and therefore costs to the businesses. Quite often the staff that make purchasing decisions are not the same people that are putting out the bins for collection. A waste audit is really useful because it can show everyone the bigger picture.

To produce a waste audit report, our team collects a week’s worth of rubbish to sort through (not the most popular job!) and divides it into recyclable versus non-recyclable. They report on the composition of all the bins and make recommendations for how to reduce the volume of waste as well as options for disposing of non-recyclable rubbish in an efficient and legal manner. If you’d like our team to have a go at reducing your company’s rubbish, get in touch for a quote.


29 April 2019 | Tags: recycling, waste audit