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January roundup & time to show the love

For the love of St Nicks

As part of our commitment to promoting One Planet Living alongside One Planet York, we organised a big public talk by UK’s ‘King of No Dig’ Charles Dowding at the end of January. You can read all about it on our blog, where you will also find pictures from our Open Day for York Residents Festival. Put briefly, no dig gardening uses waste materials in compost mulches on the surface of the soil without digging them in. This surpresses weeds and feeds the soil which makes it a perfect, low cost solution to growing food in a changing climate by locking carbon into the soil rather than releasing it into the atmosphere like digging does.

We would love for all York gardeners to have a go at no dig gardening and hope to hear about the results. As you may know, February marks not only Valentine’s Day but also the annual Show the Love campaign by the Climate Coalition. It is an opportunity to talk about climate change, how we’re dealing with it as a country and individuals, and help keep it on the political agenda. Climate change is affecting places we love, such as St Nicks, and it’s up to all of us to do something about it – whether through insulating our homes, swapping driving for cycling, lobbying our politicians to make them act, sharing tips or growing food in a planet and wildlife-friendly way, there is something to do for everyone. Together we can protect our world, our home.


12 February 2018 | Tags: Charles Dowding, climate change, one planet living, show the love, sustainability