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(Inner) Poldarks unleashed to re-enact scything of city walls

3 Meadow Keepers scything city walls, by Lewis Outing
Meadow Keepers scything a part of the city walls

Updated for 2018, our Meadow Keepers have re-enacted The Press in York archive photo below which shows the city walls being scythed in 1972. The team cut just a small section to demonstrate the heritage skill for the Bloom York festival but it was jolly hard work in the heat and on a big slope! It was much cooler at Jonathan Dent’s earlier talk on the importance of grasslands and improving their biodiversity.

Scything of the walls in 1972, from The Press archive

Scything of the walls in 1972, from The Press archive

We hope that both will have inspired the city and festival visitors to look out for pollinating insects and help them out with wildflowers, and maybe even get scything themselves! There are plenty of opportunities this summer to have a go, just follow this link to our scything events page. Big thanks go to all who helped or watched, Heritage Lottery Fund for funding and to Lewis Outing for great photos.



11 July 2018