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Hot wastebusting report

Our Wastebusters' stall, photo by Jane Segaran

What a scorching hot day we had for our Wastebusters’ Fest on 17th June! Still, we had a great day and made best use of the sunshine by inviting along Seggy with his solar cookers. Seggy is a member of Solar Cooking UK group on Facebook, which proves that the UK is perfectly suitable for cooking directly with sun’s energy – on days like that. Seggy and Jane were able to cook chickpeas, potatoes and bread while comparing their home-made cooker with a purchased one. Both worked a treat and we enjoyed the results.

More closely related to our work towards achieving Zero Waste, we successfully launched our Fix It Cafes and recruited a few interested volunteers for the fortnightly sessions commencing on Thursday 29th June. Several items were fixed on the day including bicycles and mini vacuum cleaner. The forthcoming sessions are open to tinkerers of all ages and skill levels, and will also involve learning from professionals. Whether you have something to be fixed or fancy sharing your skills, pop along.

Other highlights of the day were having our former chief Rotter Catherine back for a guest appearance to teach visitors how to compost, our Wastebusting team explaining the ins and outs of waste reduction and recycling through displays and games, I Am Reusable showcasing how to avoid disposable items, Ey-Up Cycling helping to fix bikes and pond dipping. Big thanks go to all who braved the heat, to Festival of Ideas for their support and all helpers on the day!

28 June 2017 | Tags: fix it, one planet living, wastebusters, zero waste