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Fixing it good

Fix It Cafe, by Lewis Outing
Fix It Cafe at the Celebration of Thrift, by Lewis Outing

Thanks to funding from York Community Recycling Fund of the City of York Council we’ve been able to run a series of Fix It Café events. Over six sessions our fantastic Fixers were able to give a new lease of life to countless items and divert 378kg of waste from landfill. Amongst other things the team managed to successfully fix 16 pushbikes, 7 ornaments, 2 floor lamps, numerous sets of string lights, clothing, 3 vacuum cleaners and an angle grinder!

We held two weekend sessions during which all of the bikes were fixed and four evening sessions which drew smaller numbers of people but allowed visitors to roll up their sleeves and learn how to fix their own items. The events attracted people from our local area as well as Bishophill and students from both York universities.

The grand finale of our Fix It Cafés was our incredible Celebration of Thrift in February which brought more than 140 people to St Nicks. Visitors made music with Trashbang! Man Billy Hickling’s upcycled instruments (enjoy the video below), learned the best ways to recycle, discovered businesses supporting zero waste consumers in York and had the opportunity to purchase hand carved spoons and upcycled fashions. Children enjoyed our special Thrifty Treasure Hunt on the nature reserve and earned a small prize which included a reusable metal straw and wooden toy. The day was a brilliant end to the project and proved the most fruitful Fix It of the series with all but one item successfully mended.

22 March 2018 | Tags: fix it, one planet living, recycling, sustainability, wastebusters, zero waste