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Eco-Crafters’ Christmas Wreath Challenge

Eco-Crafters' autumnal display at the Centre

Our Eco-Crafters Club is setting you a crafty challenge: design and make a Christmas wreath out of whatsover you choose. It can be traditional, modern or quirky – the world is your oyster. If you use any recycled materials though, you will get an extra point in your score!

The club will award a £20 craft shop voucher to the winner; entry is free. All wreaths will then be put on display at the Environment Centre to be sold for the club’s funds. The Club hopes you will enjoy making it and it will help them put on a great seasonal craft display.

Please ensure that your entry is submitted to the club on or before Wednesday 22nd November when it will be judged by the charity’s patron Anneliese Emmans Dean and our staff. You can bring it to the Environment Centre or join the judgement day session for free. All entries will be photographed and acknowledged on our website and social media.

25 October 2017 | Tags: challenge, crafts