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Covid Update: January 2021

It will come as no surprise to hear that the Environment Centre remains closed during the latest lockdown. You are of course welcome to visit the nature reserve (observing  Covid restrictions, naturally). Nature really does work magic during these tricky times, and we can’t put it better than this wonderful article in the Guardian, celebrating our very own “unexpected wonderland”. It goes on to say: “Even at this muddy, unpromising time of year, there are buds peeping through the mulch. Beauty can come from waste; better times are coming.” 

Public face to face activity at the Centre, including some of our Precious Plastic York rewards, will pause during the lockdown. Ecotherapy support will continue online. Our Recycling Team continue their work, as they have been doing right through the pandemic. Do give them a wave of appreciation if you see them out and about. 

The rest of the team is working behind the scenes to keep our nature reserve, centre and project work going, including some exciting new initiatives. Keep following us on our social media – FacebookTwitter and Instagram – to find out more. If you haven’t already, make sure you don’t miss out on the latest developments by signing up to our newsletters. 

Keep sharing your pictures of nature; we love to see them, especially as we wait optimistically for the first signs of spring to appear. 

5 January 2021 | Tags: covid, ecotherapy, nature, nature reserve, newsletters, recycling