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Covid update: changes due to UK-wide lockdown

Autumn leaves
Let's find strength and inspiration in nature. Can you identify any of St Nicks' trees and shrubs from their beautiful leaves?

As we move into a second phase of Covid lockdown we are ever aware of the need for people to enjoy fresh air, a place to go to exercise and a reminder of the simple joys of being in nature. Although the Environment Centre remains closed for the near future,  please do come along and visit the nature reserve. If you can, send us your pictures of the ever-changing natural habitat. We love to see what you’ve been up to and it’s so important to keep in touch at this time.

All of our face to face groups including the Natural Habitat Volunteering and Ecotherapy activity at the Centre will pause during the lockdown, respecting the need for greater social distancing and protecting the vulnerable in the community. Ecotherapy support will continue online and you can keep up to date on our status via our Ecotherapy web pages. The continued efforts of our sterling Recycling Team will also continue with the existing Covid safe practices in place.

If you haven’t already signed up to our Newsletter you can keep updated on the busy life behind the scenes by registering your interest here. We will all need our connection with nature more than ever during this lockdown period. This wonderful 5 minute clip which featured on BBC Autumnwatch offers some brilliant evidence based advice about how nature can improve our mood.  Look after yourselves at this time, and let’s see how the natural world will support us through this new season of hibernation.

3 November 2020 | Tags: covid, ecotherapy, Environment Centre, nature reserve