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Changes to coffee packaging recycling

coffee packaging
From March 2017 onwards, oncly Tassimo and Kenco branded coffee packaging will be accepted

Have you been collecting coffee packaging for us to send on for recycling? Unfortunately, changes to Terracycles brigades mean that from March 2017 until further notice we will no longer be able to accept all kinds of coffee packaging. Only Tassimo and Kenco branded items will be collected from then on. Please bring any coffee packaging you’ve saved for us to the Environment Centre by Friday 3rd March – we will be sending off our last batch that day. For the list of other unsual items we can collect for recycling and receive 2p per item for the charity, please see this page. Thanks for your support!

On a more positive note, users of our recycling service will be pleased to hear that our recycling team can now collect washed and squashed food and beverage cartons at the kerbside, thanks to the support of ACE UK. These will go to the only UK mill for cartons at Stainland, Halifax and turned into cardboard tubes and cores used to wrap paper, fibre yarns and metal or plastic films. Please note that due to restrictions on volumes we can only provide this service on the kerbside – please do not bring cartons to the Environment Centre.

21 February 2017