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Beck to normal – ground work investigation complete

Thanks to all of our neighbours and visitors for putting up with the disruption caused by the recent ground investigation at St Nicks by the Environment Agency. The work teams have now left and the nature reserve is back to the sounds of bird song and buzzing bees instead of drills. We won’t know until later this year, when we get the results of the investigation, whether it is feasible to create a new beck channel through St Nicks. We are crossing our fingers that this will be possible because it will alleviate flooding and create an important new wetland habitat on the site.

Thanks too to our wonderful volunteer groups who have started tidying up the site after the works. They have taken advantage of the disturbed ground caused by the investigation to sow wildflowers as part of our wider grassland management regime, keeping our site blooming.

9 August 2019 | Tags: beck, Environment Centre, flooding, grassland, nature reserve, volunteers, wetland, wildflower, wildlife