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An oak to commemorate Birch

Oak Tree Planting with the Birch family
Birch family with the memorial oak tree

Some of the trees that have helped transform the 1990s barren look of St Nicks into the thriving green haven it is today came from various building sites that William Birch & Sons were developing at the time. The then company chairman Jack Birch often called up to offer trees or plants which would otherwise have been destroyed. We were therefore delighted to recently help his family fulfil Jack’s dying wish. An oak tree was planted in his memory near the Dragon Stones, not far from a copse of Jack’s trees.

1990s macro gardening at St Nicks

1990s macro gardening at St Nicks (looking towards the bund)

We hope it will settle in just as well as those trees have done and provide a great habitat for our wildlife as it grows on, keeping Jack’s memory alive. Later this year we’ll be publishing a book about the history of St Nicks, thanks to a generous donation from the Birch company. This book will serve as a further reminder of Jack’s and many other people’s contributions to turning the former Tang Hall rubbish tip into St Nicks Local Nature Reserve. If you have a story or pictures to add, please get in touch.

3 April 2019 | Tags: commemoration, Dragon Stones, history, tree planting, William Birch & Sons