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Fixing it good

Thanks to funding from York Community Recycling Fund of the City of York Council we’ve been able to run a series of Fix It Café events. Over six sessions our fantastic Fixers were able to give a new lease of life to countless items and divert 378kg of waste from landfill. Amongst other things the […]

Posted 22 March 2018 | Tags: fix it, one planet living, recycling, sustainability, wastebusters, zero waste

Snow doesn’t stop Wastebusters

It has been a long time since we’ve had so much snow for so long but our amazing Recycling Team has been collecting recycling as usual throughout this harsh week. They even keep on smiling; see Lewis Outing’s photo for proof! The weather is certainly challenging and not just for people. There isn’t much food […]

Posted 2 March 2018 | Tags: climate change, one planet living, snow, wastebusters, wildlife

Wastebusters celebrate

The Recycling Team are very excited to have signed up their 100th business customer – Clifford’s Tower managed by English Heritage. Collecting from the largest house in York (the Minster) as well as from businesses of all sizes – from national chains down to small, independent coffee shops – the recycling scheme is going from […]

Posted 26 January 2018 | Tags: recycling, wastebusters

Hot wastebusting report

What a scorching hot day we had for our Wastebusters’ Fest on 17th June! Still, we had a great day and made best use of the sunshine by inviting along Seggy with his solar cookers. Seggy is a member of Solar Cooking UK group on Facebook, which proves that the UK is perfectly suitable for […]

Posted 28 June 2017 | Tags: fix it, one planet living, wastebusters, zero waste

Zero Plastic Fantastic Challenge

Judging by the interest generated by the Plastic Myths Busted! blog post, plastics is a big issue and challenge for a lot of people. St Nicks staff will try to tackle the issue by setting ourselves the Zero Plastic Fantastic Challenge. For the next two months, between 1st April and 31st May, we will avoid single use […]

Posted 3 April 2017 | Tags: plastic, wastebusters, zero waste