St Nicks

Centre for nature and green living

Volunteer roles

Hedge planting volunteers, by L. Outing

Hedge planting volunteers, by L. Outing

Come and make friends, learn new skills, gain experience in the environmental sector and have fun! There are a variety of volunteer opportunities at St Nicks to suit everyone including:

Practical Nature Conservation: Help out on St Nicks nature reserve and other St Nicks managed sites and habitats across the city. Tasks can include a range of habitat management methods such as mowing grasslands, tree work, invasive species control and managing wetland habitats including rivers, ponds and scrapes. We also work to create new, and restore existing, sites for nature through techniques including seed sowing and planting, thinning and coppicing woodlands and reprofiling river channels. Current nature conservation volunteering projects are as follows:

Ecological Surveying and Monitoring: We conduct a range of species and habitat surveying and monitoring work to inform and monitor the practical nature conservation work. Contact our Ecology Officer Maria at, or 07912432826, to find out more and get involved.