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Recycle more plastic and support St Nicks

The current list of extra materials we can recycle. Please check before you travel as this list does change.

Thanks to a partnership with TerraCycle, we can collect extra plastic materials which are not normally recycled in York. The materials listed below can either be brought to the Environment Centre or included in recycling boxes in the areas we collect. Materials may be added or taken off the list at quite short notice so please check this page for up-to-date information, and let us know if you start collecting particular materials so that we can inform you if there is a change.

The links below will take you to the relevant TerraCycle pages complete with pictures and more details. Please note that if something is not on the list, such as plastic milk bottle tops or snack bar wrappers, we cannot accept it and will reject such items if brought to us. As of November 2018 we are collecting:

Take a look at what happens to the items after we send them off to TerraCycle, which upcycles and recycles them into all sorts of new products.

This page was last updated 12 Nov 2018