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Household recycling

A well presented recycling box
A well presented and sorted recycling box, which makes it much easier for the recycling team to do their work.

We currently collect recyclable materials from more than 2,500 households in the city centre while City of York Council collects from the rest. If you have recently moved in and don’t know who collects your recycling, please check our list of streets and collection days. If your street is on the list and you don’t have a recycling container or need more information, please get in touch.

Our recycling team will be able to provide a much more consistent service if everyone follows our good recycling guide. Not only will it make their job easier but, even more importantly, it will lead to a better quality of recycled materials, which makes for a better and more efficient recycling process.

Collection Days
To ensure collection your recycling needs to be out no later than 8am on your collection day and left until it gets collected. We collect on a weekly basis, and on all bank holidays except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.  Please download the list of streets to find your collection day.

What to put in your recycling container?
Please keep your recycling box or basket clean and tidy, and (where applicable) separate the different recyclable materials into old carrier bags. Clean recycling materials lead to a higher quality of the end product and make the process more efficient. If something isn’t on the list below, then we don’t collect it and the team will leave it behind. Some items which you may expect to be able to recycle cannot be collected on the kerbside – please see the list of materials that we do not collect lower down and check the council website for refuse collections.
We collect the following:

Your recycling may not be collected if you do not follow the recommendations shown above.

What NOT to put in your recycling container?
Please do not include the following in your kerbside recycling:

We use electronic vehicles and load bearing tricycles to collect your recycling. If you are interested in what the Recycling Team get up to have a look at their Instagram page. We’ve noticed lots of people taking photos of us as we are carrying out the collections, we don’t mind! Please tag us in any you take.

•    Do you need a new recycling box/ bags? If your recycling container has gone missing or you’ve just moved in please get in touch.

•    Do you need a hand? If you are elderly or disabled, we can provide assistance on collection day.

•    Do you not have enough to fill the box? Every kilo counts. No matter how little waste you produce, it’s better recycled than sent to landfill.

•    Do you have too much recycling? Please make sure you are putting it out weekly and are following our good recycling guide especially with regards to squashing and sorting your recycling. If you still have too much get in touch and we will look at ways we can help.

•    Do you want to help promote our service in your area? Little time and effort are needed.

Please contact us for more details or help with any of the above.


This page was last updated 8 Oct 2018