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Business waste recycling

Recycling Co-ordinator Sam Taylor
Recycling Co-ordinator Sam Taylor

As of late 2014 we started offering a recycling service to small-medium businesses and organisations based in the city centre. We collect the same range of materials as on our household round.  Our prices start from as little as £2 a collection and collection frequency is tailored to suit your business needs. We can schedule regular collections, or you are welcome to contact the team on their dedicated mobile to arrange collections as and when you need them. We don’t hold you to a contract and you won’t be penalised for cancelling collections at short notice – we want to help you recycle as much as possible!

Due to the way we work we can offer a high degree of flexibility with our service and can cater for everything from a small shop up to large events such as the CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival or York Pride.  Recently we have expanded our service to include one-off and “emergency” collections.  If you have been let down by your usual provider or simply have too much recycling for them to take, just give us a ring.

We can also carry out waste audits for your business, a waste audit is very useful to show people the type and amount of waste they produce.  By working out exactly what is being thrown away you can put in place measures to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill unnecessarily and help to save your business money at the same time.

If you require any further information about the services we offer or would like a quote please get in touch.

You can see all of our business customers on the map below (as of April 2021)

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