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Zero waste

Recycling Co-ordinator Sam at Bootham (by Lewis Outing)
Recycling Co-ordinator Sam at Bootham (by Lewis Outing)

Nothing is wasted in nature and so the Zero Waste principle is about reducing waste, reusing where possible, and ultimately sending zero waste to landfill.

St Nicks has provided an eco-friendly kerbside collection recycling service for parts of York since 2001. We currently collect recyclable materials from more than 2,500 households and 90+ businesses in the city centre. Our unique, low carbon emission service uses an electric vehicle and load bearing tricycles to collect and sort recycling at the kerbside. This enables us to collect high quality recyclable materials and make the recycling process as efficient as possible. We also collect some plastics which don’t normally get recycled in York – anyone can bring those to us regardless of who provides their kerbside service.

Bags made out of broken umbrellas

Bags made out of broken umbrellas

What most people may consider to be rubbish, we see as materials for turning into new things. Food, garden and even human waste can be turned into fantastic compost – we’re always happy to give advice on how – whilst broken umbrellas can be turned into funky bags (allowing the metal skeleton to be recycled) and bike tyres can be transformed into belts. This creative approach was pioneered for us by a former recycling officer Sue, who now makes these items in Greater Manchester, but is partly carried on by our Eco-Crafters Club.

Even better than upcycling and recycling is simply reducing “waste”. Our Recycling Team pick out books and other reusable items from the recycling boxes which are either sold in our little shop or passed onto other charities. When purchasing new items, we do our best to choose ones with as little packaging as possible.

We are big fans of the circular economy concept which provides a roadmap for achieving zero waste. Alongside all our other activities in the area, we do what we can to inspire and spread the word, including having a go at a Zero Plastic Challenge – for further tips and advice, have a read of our Waste & recycling blog posts.

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This page was last updated 13 Dec 2017