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Little Eco Terrace

Jovial atmosphere at 2015 York Open Eco Homes
Jovial atmosphere at the first York Open Eco Homes in 2015, discussing the benefits of improving energy efficiency

The young owner couple wanted to see if they could turn the cheapest house in central York into an “A” rated eco home (as per Energy Performance Certificate) for less than 10% of its value. They have succeeded by employing a number of eco-refurbishment measures from low cost draught-proofing to some major building works and installation of solar PV panels. They have documented the process on their blog which is well worth checking out, and have a lot of monitoring data from their self-installed system. They reduce their carbon footprint in other ways too, which they are happy to talk about.

Since the first York Open Eco Homes event, Tomas has helped St Nicks organise a series of related events including an Eco Homes Show & Tell which focused on low cost energy saving items. He and his fiancee have also started eco-refurbishing a flat in London which they are documenting on their blog.

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