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1990s bungalow with edible garden

Eco-refurbished 1990s bungalow
Eco-refurbished 1990s bungalow, photo by Lewis Outing

The owners of this relatively young bungalow, Audrey and Duncan, have done all they can to make it highly efficient and eco-friendly shortly after moving in in 2014. They are happy to arrange visits outside of the Open Eco Homes events – please contact us if you are interested. Below is an overview of what they have achieved so far:

Photovoltaic panels
South facing 3.9 KWp system. We can show you 18 months of weekly and monthly performance figures plus five years performance from our previous house. A mobile energy monitor shows live readings and this enables us to maximise the solar power by switching on appliances when the sun is at its brightest. We received over £650 from the Feed in Tariff last year.

Electricity use
We record electricity usage and this shows how PV panels reduce the amount we buy. We buy 100% renewable electricity from Ecotricity.

We have fitted low energy light fittings including LED. We make the best use of daylight.

Electrical Appliances
All are “A” rated. A plug in energy monitor shows the power consumption of each item.

We have a modern high performance condensing combi boiler located in the loft. Graphs of gas usage available. Gas is bought from Ecotricity.

Audrey & Duncan with strawberries in their conservatory

Audrey & Duncan with strawberries in their conservatory

We open the door to the conservatory during the spring and autumn to allow the heat from the solar gain into the rest of the bungalow. We are able to sit in the conservatory from March to October without extra heat.

All modern double glazed PVC with 20mm air gap and patio door window has an argon filled gap.

We collect enough roof water for all our garden demand. We minimise our mains water use by collecting the initial cold water from the hot tap to use for rinsing etc.

We keep waste to a minimum and full reuse and recycling undertaken by using charity shops, St Nicks, Freecycle, Preloved and Gumtree.

Garden Waste
We have two compost bins in use taking all garden and kitchen waste.

Garden Plants
Small garden is entirely dedicated to edible plants including vegetables, herbs & fruit trees. A greenhouse allows most annual plants to be grown from seed which are often saved from previous years and distributed wider through seed and plant swaps. In 2016 we grew 100 different plants. The garden is fully organic.

We use buses whenever possible so as to reduce our carbon footprint. Our car usage is under 2000 miles per year.

This page was last updated 16 Dec 2016