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Thriving at Work one-to-one support: FAQs

How might mentoring support help me? 

If you are living with a mental health challenge like anxiety or depression, it may affect your confidence in the workplace as well as in other areas of your life. If you are in paid employment but feel as though a mental health challenge is preventing you from thriving at work, whether or not you have a formal diagnosis, these one-to-one sessions could be for you.  

You will be offered regular one-to-one sessions which will be your space to bring up any issues that feel significant for you. It’s somewhere to feel heard and understood and help you to explore the strengths and capabilities you have inside yourself to create the changes you want in life. 

How do I access the mentoring support? 

If you think these sessions could be helpful for you, we will talk with you to check that the support is right for you. Contact us via  or 01904 411821 to arrange a chat, or download, complete and return a registration form. 

If we agree together that the support will be suitable for you, you will be offered an initial session that aims to uncover your current strengths and potential and explore your current challenges and stressors as well as confirm that you are eligible for the funding.  

From there you will be able to agree with your mentor a regular time for your sessions.  

We will ask for some information and documents (e.g., driving licence) from you during these first sessions.  

I need support right now!

York Mind has information about both local and national crisis services. You might also find these online resources about workplace stress to be useful.

What happens in a one to one session? 

You will be offered support in exploring solutions and taking action to help improve your wellbeing. You will be offered up to an hour each session to discuss issues that feel significant for you and begin to set goals to help you move forwards. You will be able to explore and define the changes would you like to see in your life. 

You will need to be committed to setting and working towards goals to create the changes you would like. Your mentor will be there to support you every step of the way in this process.  

Each session will cover:  

How many sessions will there be? 

You will be initially offered around 6 sessions. After 3 sessions or so, your mentor will discuss your progress with you and if you feel further sessions may be helpful, these can be agreed with your mentor. 

How often will the sessions be?

This will be decided between you and your mentor. You may want to meet more frequently to begin with, depending on your individual situation, so we may suggest meeting weekly or fortnightly to begin. After you start achieving your goals and making progress, you might find it helpful to have sessions over a longer period, like a month or two. We will work with you to agree what works best. We do ask that once agreed, you commit to the session time and date.

What happens if I cancel a session?

Life happens, and it may be that you need to cancel a session every now and again.  If this is the case, contact your mentor as soon as  possible to rearrange the session. We do ask that wherever possible, you do stick to agreed times. If cancellations are frequent, your mentor will talk to you about how the support is working for you, and agree a way forward with you.

Will what I say in the sessions be kept private? 

The one-to-one sessions are your safe space to discuss the issues affecting you, and they will be confidential. The only exception to this would be if your mentor was worried in any way about your safety or the safety of anyone else. In this instance information would need to be shared with other relevant professionals. Your mentor would inform you of the steps that they would need to take.  

Additionally, your mentor may make written notes in the session for the purpose of tracking progress made. In line with our privacy notice, these are kept securely and confidential. 

Where will the sessions take place? 

Sessions will be offered via Zoom or over the telephone, with some availability face to face at St Nicks Environment Centre in York in line with Covid restrictions. You will be able to choose your preferred option.  

How long are the sessions? 

Each session will take up to an hour. 

What time do the sessions take place? 

Sessions are usually during office hours. 

What paperwork is required? 

Our funders ask us to complete some paperwork, especially at the start and end of the project, to show that we are making a positive difference. As part of this, we will ask for some documentation from yourself to show that you are eligible to take part, for instance that you are employed and living or working in York, and we will ask you to complete a form. All of this information will be held securely and only used to support you and to report to our funders as per our privacy notice. 

What happens if I have a problem with the support?

We would hope that you would be able to discuss any problems with your mentor. However, if you are not able to, please contact and one of the team will get back to you.


This page was last updated 24 Nov 2021