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Scythers, by Lewis Outing
Scythers, by Lewis Outing

Meadow Keepers 2017 report

Meadow Keepers Project Final Report 2018

Meadow Keepers is the nickname of our Scything for Grassland Management Project, launched in June 2017,which has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players this 2-year project is helping to improve the management and subsequently the condition of 170 acres of grassland habitat at 15 green space sites across the city. Grasslands are important for wildlife and biodiversity – we are keen to keep them buzzing in York!

As well as teaching the heritage and volunteer friendly skill of scything as a flexible grassland management tool, we have teamed up with Ptyxis Ecology to deliver training on monitoring grasslands species to help inform future management. We are focusing on scything for practical grassland management to maximise the wildlife potential of grasslands while allowing a flexible and practical solution for volunteer groups. The project is developing a consistent approach to grassland management that focuses on improving wildlife value in line with York’s biodiversity targets.

Heritage Lottery Fund logoIf you would like to get involved or know more, read our 2017 report, Meadow Keepers Project Final Report 2019 check out our event listings for scything events or contact our Nature Reserve Manager Jonathan Dent on 07912432823 or 

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