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Young people holding up pumpkins
Green Influencers helping out and having fun with TCV Hull Road Park, York

Young activists such as Greta Thunberg and Isra Hirsi inspire us all with their tenacity and passion, but we all need to play our part to support them and amplify their voices. That’s why we are so delighted to join 40 other organisations nationally in the Ernest Cook “Green Influencers” scheme to support young people aged 10-14 years to make a difference to our local community and our environment. The project started in January 2021 and will run to December 2022, and we are already working with young people all over York.

Up to 120 young environmental activists in York will be at the forefront of youth social action projects for the environment to benefit schools and communities in the area. Young people decide what type of project they would like to do, including things like planting trees, sowing wildflowers, litter picking, campaigning or tackling waste and recycling.  Together, they will turn words into actions to protect and enhance the local environment and tackle climate change. 

Supported by our Green Mentor, Freya Lovett, young people learn new skills and gain experience and confidence as they take on the social and environmental issues important to them.  They are helped to form meaningful connections with the natural environment and each other through fun outdoor activities as a positive way of powering change. 

Freya says:   

“We are really excited to receive the funding from The Ernest Cook Trust which will enable us to help young people from across York to become Green Influencers. They will then be able to make a real difference in their local communities with environmental projects.”  

“What is special about the Green Influencers Scheme is that it will empower young people to lead the way and offer them a chance to learn through hands-on outdoor activities in their local area.” 

“We’re sure that young people across York will step forward and join the scheme so that we can work together to make a really positive impact on our communities, our environment and our future.” 

The pioneering Green Influencers Scheme is a project match-funded through the #iwill Fund which is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and Department of Culture, Media & Sport which are each investing £25million seed funding to support young people to access high-quality social action opportunities.  

If you are a young person, parent, teacher or work in a relevant organisation interested in getting involved in the Green Influencers Scheme, please contact  

For information about the Green Influencers Scheme visit The Ernest Cook Trust website.  

This page was last updated 1 Mar 2022