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Nordic Walking in Hull Road Park
Nordic Walking session

Evidence confirms that connecting to nature with green exercise improves both self-esteem and mood, as well as builds emotional and physical resilience. All our sessions are coached by a qualified Nordic Walking UK instructor. When running, classes are free and Nordic poles are provided. All new participants are asked to attend the 1-2pm ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ sessions which run in 4 week blocks. Once completed walkers are welcome to join the 2-3pm group. If you would like to join this group please fill out an enrolment form which can be found on our main Ecotherapy web pages.

When we are not able to meet in person our Nordic Walking instructor Michelle Cairns from Jorvik Walking shares tips on green exercise and how to stay well during the pandemic. Most of these will apply even if you don’t have Nordic Walking poles, you can use them in your daily exercise. To sign up for Michelle’s emails, her Nordic Walking group or any of our other Ecotherapy groups visit our main web pages. Here is Michelle’s first post:

Mindful Nordic WalkingNordic Walkers enjoying a walk

Mindfulness is a way of decluttering the mind in order to reduce stress, tension and anxiety. It requires you to focus on ‘the moment’ rather than the million and one other things that are usually on our minds. One of the simplest and easiest ways to practice it is when walking. Being outdoors and being active is a great tonic anyway but Nordic Walking is a particularly good stress reliever because of its rhythmic and repetitive action.

Most walkers find that they can clear their minds quickly once they get outside. However, if you find it difficult to relax, it can help you to learn how to breathe effectively and focus on your body, rather than allow your mind to fill with clutter.

Deep Breathing

Yoga and martial arts are famous for combining deep breathing with activity, and it is easy to adopt some of those methods when walking. First you will need to learn how to breathe deeply and effectively in order to fill your lungs with oxygen and encourage relaxation.

Practice Drill 1: Oxygen Boost

Practice Drill 2: 4 x 4 Breathing

Practice Drill 3: Clearing your Mind

For more tips on keeping active, see the physical activity guidelines pictogram below.

physical activity guidelines for adults


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