Ecotherapy at St Nicks mentoring support

Centre for nature and green living


One-to-one mentoring support is available to everybody who is enrolled on an Ecotherapy group at St Nicks. The mentoring programme is run by Ecotherapy Project Manager Kathy Sturgess and offered to those who may need some additional mental health support outside of their weekly group. The mentoring programme offers an opportunity to connect with nature at our 24-acre urban nature reserve through appointment based, outdoor ‘walk and talk’ sessions. This one-to-one support provides a non-judgemental listening space alongside gentle encouragement to notice the nature around you, from looking at plants to identifying trees and to listening to bird song. These sessions are a lovely way to relax and improve your wellbeing.

We are well connected to other mental health and wellbeing services and can help you to refer to other organisations for specific, more intensive support should you require.

When COVID restrictions are in place and we are not able to meet in person, we offer mentoring support through wellbeing phone calls.Primroses growing at reserve

For more information about our mentoring programme contact Ecotherapy Manager Kathy Sturgess at To find out more about Ecotherapy or to enrol visit our main Ecotherapy pages.

This page was last updated 1 Apr 2021