Nature challenges for families

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Nature challenges for families

Nature Adventurers inside a den

We’ve created a suite of self-led activities during lockdown aimed at younger children. Join Freya from the education team for a series of quick challenges to get your children and whole family connected with nature through exploring, making things, art and storytelling. As well as short videos, there are challenge cards with extra tips to help you get started – in the clickable images on the right. Many of these challenges can be done either inside or outside, so take a look and let us know how you get on – we’d love to hear from you.


Challenge: Use your senses
Use your sight, hearing, smell, touch and…well maybe not taste…to sense the nature all around you.


Challenge: Build a den
Connect to nature by making a den – inside or outside.

Challenge: Scavenger hunt
Go on a scavenger hunt where you come up with the clues yourself…


Challenge: It’s storytime!
Can you solve the riddle before the little boy in the story?


Challenge: Make yourself a rainbow
Make your own rainbow using things you find in nature.


This page was last updated 14 Jul 2020