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25 Jul

Invasive Plant Clearance: Himalayan Balsam

Wed 25 Jul 2018 at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

St Nicks Environment Centre, Rawdon Avenue, York, YO10 3ST

Balsam bashers
Balsam bashing is a fun activity for all ages

Fornightly sessions on Wednesdays from May until end of July 2018

Meet at the Environment Centre to join our Park Rangers in helping to control Himalayan Balsam – a highly invasive non-native plant species which is threatening the future of the becks by destabilising their banks and luring pollinating insects away from native wildflowers. These evening sessions will be vital to help ensure we can clear as much as possible before it seeds. We hope to sow the cleared areas with native wildflowers later in the year.

All ages and abilities are welcome, full training will be given. Under 13s need to be accompanied by an adult and 13-17 year olds need parental consent. Majority of the work is on beck banks and not footpaths but if mobility is an issue, please get in touch as we may be able to find a task nearer paths.

The events are part of our York Becks Project.

Free entry, no need to book for individuals. If you’d like to bring a group, please get in touch.

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