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28 Jul

Flying High! Show & walk

Fri 28 Jul 2017 at 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

St Nicks Environment Centre, Rawdon Avenue, York, YO10 3ST

Flying High! cover

This event replaces the usual monthly Becks Nature Walk, part of our York Becks Project.

If you and your kids like birds, you’ll love Flying High! Come along for a journey through the bird year in laughter, rhythm and rhyme as Anneliese Emmans Dean performs ‘edu-taining’ poems from her brand new bird book Flying High!

The afternoon will include a guided walk led by St Nicks Wildwatch and there will be a chance to buy one of Anneliese’s books about which the RSPB Vice-President, Prof. Sir John Lawton said: “Made me chuckle, even laugh out loud, with pleasure!”

The afternoon’s programme in Anneliese’s verse:

The soaring story of British birds
In stunning photos and giggly words
From Anneliese’s new bird book
Here’s your chance to take a look!
Then come along on our guided walk
Round St Nicks nature reserve in York
Come along, it’s fun, it’s free!
How many bird species will you see?

Free entry, donations welcome

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