St Nicks

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10 Apr

Dawn Chorus (everywhere)

Fri 10 Apr 2020–Thu 30 Apr 2020 at All Day


Dawn with Bullfinches
Bullfinches at a previous Dawn Chorus Walk

According to RSPB, late April to June is the best time to enjoy the annual bird symphony (or maybe cacophony if it disturbs your sleep). We were planning to run a Dawn Chorus Walk on 25th April so that you could join us and our knowledgeable Wildwatch volunteers to discover the amazing sounds of St Nicks when most of us are usually asleep. Alas, this is not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic so instead we invite you to run your very own Dawn Chorus Walk at your local patch (as part of your daily exercise). You could even just open the window around an hour before sunrise (the chorus peaks half an hour before; see RSPB page for extra info).  Check the time and weather forecast for your preferred day and set the clock – the effort will be worth your while.

Obviously the later in the month, the more singing there will be but also the earlier you will need to get up. The Easter weekend may be a nice opportunity to give this a go.

If you don’t know many bird calls, you could train yourself to recognise individual voices of the most common birds using the RSPB’s A-Z of birds or try the Nord University’s bird ID pages featuring training quizes. We would love to see your pictures and videos or listen to recordings of what you hear in York, especially if your local patch is St Nicks – please share them along with your postcode (without the last digit so we can see what your area is, e.g. YO10 3S) via our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and we will share the best ones. If we can, we will help you identify which birds you’ve heard and you don’t know.

Free entry. No booking required, just an alarm clock and warm clothes (or duvets if you stay in bed)

By way of encouragement, here is a video of St Nicks’ dawn chorus taken on 5th April.

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