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11 Mar

Celebrating York International Woman’s Week – ‘Creating Light in the Dark’

Thu 11 Mar 2021 at 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm


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St Nicks invites you to an interactive Zoom, nature-based craft and Trataka workshop to celebrate York International Woman’s Week and the ways woman have provided hope and light in difficult times.

Together we will make a nature decorated candle holder, creating our own light in the darkness. Following this, we will gather to practise Trataka, the ancient art of candle gazing. A practice which helps calm the mind, alleviates anxiety, helps insomnia, and provides mental focus & illumination for greater clarity. There will be time to connect with others and have a cuppa in the comfort of your own home.

Prior to the event we encourage participants to enjoy a walk in nature (if this is possible) and to collect small seeds, pods and flat leaves to dry that can be used to decorate the candle holder. We also encourage as much recycling and upcycling as possible to source the craft items needed.

The workshop is open to anyone with their own craft materials or wanting to watch and craft later, though a candle is essential for Trataka.

Details of items needed prior to the event: Glass jam jar, craft glue (PVA), small brush, tissue paper, garden twine or string, scissors and the natural items you wish to use to decorate the jar. A tealight or candle is essential for candle gazing.

The practice of Trataka is contra-indicated for people with serious eye conditions such as cataract or glaucoma. Selecting a photograph or picture of a place in nature for the purposes of the meditation offers a lovely alternative practice.

Free Event – Registration through Eventbrite is essential

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