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Wildwatch on 10th August

Weather:  cool, breezy, overcast with frequent showers.

In about an hour’s walk along the top of the meadow, through the thicket  to the culvert, and along the top path back to the centre, we saw very few birds and absolutely nothing else animate except a grey squirrel. A juvenile bullfinch with an adult female was a particularly interesting sighting.  We also heard four singing robins, which means that they’re already starting to establish their territories ready for winter.

On the becks, water levels are much higher, though nowhere near flood level, and the kingfisher pole has collapsed – probably washed out, but we don’t discount the possibility of  Ian’s favourite wood pigeon bouncing on it a bit too hard.  However the rafts are still afloat, and the one to the right looks as though something other than birds has used it.

Plant-wise, things are much the same as last week except a bit soggy.  Looking ahead to autumn, the crop of hawthorn berries looks less good than last year, particularly on the east side, but other fruit seems plentiful.

Birds:  blackbird, blue tit, bullfinch, collared dove, goldfinch, greenfinch, magpie, robin, wren (heard only), wood pigeon

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