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Volunteer Insights: Theo

Carrying on with our volunteer interviews, Volunteer Co-ordinator Maria Gill has caught up with one of St Nicks wonderful placement students to find out more about why he chose St Nicks for his placement and what keeps him coming back. Keep an eye out for more volunteer insights over the next few weeks!

One of our brilliant volunteers Theo is currently undertaking a Countryside Management course at Askham Bryan College and as part of his studies is required to do a vocational placement. Theo chose St Nicks as his placement and has been with us now for over 18 months. Below is our conversation about what Theo gets out of his volunteering experience and why he continues to volunteer today.

What is your role at St Nicks and what does that involve?

Theo: I’m here as a placement student as part of my degree. I help the Practical Conservation volunteers and I’m there to make their life difficult!

Why do you volunteer?

Theo: I really enjoy working with nature.

Do you enjoy volunteering at St Nicks and why?

Theo: It’s the best place that I’ve volunteered. It’s a really nice site and people are friendly. It’s great that you get to see the difference you’ve made to the nature reserve, you can see projects come to fruition and get completed which isn’t always the case with some of the other projects I have worked on.

Theo & Maria relaxing after a hard days work

Theo & Maria relaxing after a hard days work


Have you learnt anything through volunteering?

Theo: Yes, I’ve learnt a lot of practical skills and a bit of theory too. I sat in on a presentation from Bug Life on their Urban Buzz pollinator project; it was one of my favorite learning sessions.

What has been a highlight of volunteering here?

Theo: I really enjoy having competitions with the other volunteers to see who can find the most interesting item out on the nature reserve. But it’s hard to pick out one highlight because each day is so different.

How would you describe St Nicks to someone who has not been here before?

Theo: Awesome.

If you would like to gain practical experience or think St Nicks would make a good placement for you as part of a course, get in touch today. We host many different placement and work experience students and we would love to hear from you:

Maria Gill
Volunteer Coordinator

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