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Volunteer Insights: Joe and Robert

Robert & Maria celebrating a job well done - volunteering can be fun!

It’s Volunteer Week! In honour of our fantastic volunteers Maria Gill our wonderful Volunteer Coordinator has put together a few blogs. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks to find out what volunteering at St Nicks is really like and what they get up to.

Now the Volunteer Coordinator, I started my St Nicks career as a Volunteer Park Ranger. So as part of National Volunteers’ Week I decided to have a chat with a few of our volunteers to find out what they like about spending their time at St Nicks.  Two of our regular volunteers, Joe and Robert, have been helping out at St Nicks for a few years and I was really interested to see if they get the same enjoyment out of their time at St Nicks as I did. What follows is half a dozen questions that give you a good insight into volunteering at St Nicks and what make Joe and Robert keep coming back.

What is your role at St Nicks and what does that involve?

Joe: We’re Practical Conservation Volunteers. We do all sorts, we litter pick, lay hedges, clear areas for planting and scything.

Robert: Not for me, I leave the scything to Joe then I rake up the cuttings afterwards. Then we make habitat piles with what we cut away.

Robert (left) & Joe (right) mowing the meadow using scyths

Robert (left) & Joe (right) mowing the meadow using scythes

Why do you volunteer at St Nicks?

Joe: It gets you out of the house and doing something useful. You get to work amongst a group of nice people and you do a lot of different things.

Robert: Yes, I enjoy being with the group too.

Do you enjoy volunteering at St Nicks and why?

Joe: Oh yes, very much. You can contribute and meet people.

Robert: Me too, I really like it. I like doing the tasks.

Have you learnt anything through volunteering?

Joe: Yes you gain a lot of different skills from it.

Robert: Yes because you do so many different tasks.

What has been a highlight of volunteering here?

Joe: I think just working with such a great group is my highlight.

Robert: I really enjoy Balsam Bashing in the summer.

Robert & Maria celebrating a job well done

Robert & Maria celebrating a job well done

How would you describe St Nicks to someone who has not been here before?

Joe: A really nice place to work in beautiful surroundings with great people.

Robert: A 24-acre nature reserve- the green heart of York.

We think it’s clear to see that for Joe and Robert one of the main draws to volunteering at St Nicks is the chance to socialize and meet new people. The vital work they carry out on the reserve is just an added bonus! Keep an eye out for the next blog!

If you like what Joe and Robert have to say about volunteering St Nicks and would like to get involved, get in touch:

Maria Gill
Volunteer Coordinator

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