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Bearing Fruit: Monday 23rd January 2012 – Creating the Soft Fruit Garden

Present: Jonathan, Paul, Stephen, Steven, Eileen, Darren

Digging the ground

The Core Group prepares the soft fruits site

Today work started on creating an area to grow a selection of soft fruits at St Nicks. After spending so much time planning last week, everyone was excited and ready to get stuck in. With his horticultural background, Paul took the lead of this project and soon a 12 x 4 ft patch was marked out by Darren, Paul and Steven ready to be dug over. Eileen tackled a few rogue self-seeded Blackthorns which had disrespectfully grown in the middle of our site, but rather than getting rid she transplanted them along the boundary of the area among some other recently planted hedging. The plot was then twice dug over to increase its growing potential and in no time at all we had a beautiful soft fruit patch and we were ready to start planting!

The Core Group is proud of their work

The Core Group is pleased with their work

At one point the digging seemed to turn into a Time Team episode as interesting finds kept unearthing themselves: a half decomposed cardigan, bolts, part of a car jack, some enamel pottery, an ancient-looking piano hinge and some copper. After transplanting, Eileen worked on pruning some of the established larger Blackthorn in the area, which gave us room to walk around while Stephen did an amazing job of clearing the whole boundary of litter which had blown in from neighbouring industrial sites. We got so much finished in such a short time that the mid-session tea break went down a treat!

For more details or to find out how to get involved in our Bearing Fruit project, please check for work days on the events page on our website or email

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