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Bearing Fruit: 24 October – Wild Flower Planting

Group Members Present: Eileen, Steven H, Steven, Patrick, Ross, Paul, Richard, Vicki, Jonathan

Monday 24th October saw Bearing Fruit’s Core Group host a family planting day at St Nicks. It was a little early for planting trees so wildflowers were brought which will help bring some of the orchard sites to life when they flower next year. The family friendly day was well attended with 28 people (both big and little) in total working together to plant up two very different habitats on the future orchard site, one woodland and one open grassland. Flowers planted were bluebells, snakes head fritillary, snowdrops, celendines and wood anemones and great fun seemed to be had be all with the Core Group lending a helping hand when required. After all hard work everyone retired into the environment centre for scummy refreshments including apple and elderflower juice and biscuits and crackers served with the Core Groups homemade fruit chutneys. The lovely Sharon kept the little ones occupied with a spot of fruity storytelling and crafts. As a little thank you for coming all the families received pips from St Nicks own apples to plant which will hopefully grow up into a big tasty tree of their own.

All in all a fantastic event with a really nice atmosphere with all those who attended wanting to come back again to help plant the orchard trees too.

9 November 2011 | Categories: Volunteers' diary