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Bearing Fruit: 14th November – Provocation of the Robins and edible hedges.

Core Group Members Present: Eileen, Jonathan, Steven, Elly, Paul, Darren, Vicki

After welcoming a new group member Darren and returning member Elly our fist activity for the day was to help St Nicks Wildwatch Group with their valuable survey work by mapping Robin Territories. After getting ourselves familiar with their calls we set out around the orchard sites to see what we could find. With the help of Vicki’s clever bird song app we discovered three Robin territories on the orchard sites. Some of the group were more eagle-eyed than others but everyone had a great time as we were transformed into amateur twitchers for an hour or so. The results will go towards the overall St Nicks survey to find out how many Robin territories on the reserve in total.

Tree planting for the orchard started a few weeks early as in the second half of the session we were delighted to make use of a Woodland Trust community tree pack that had arrived at St Nicks. Trees included crab apple, dog rose, blackthorn and hazels which we agreed were perfect to plant as edible fruit hedging for one of the community orchard sites. It was acknowledged by all how great it was to start planting for the orchard and with the main order of the trees still to come we’ve a lot more to look forward too.

For more details or to find out how to get involved in planting part of St Nicks very own community orchard please see the events page on our website or email

18 November 2011 | Categories: Volunteers' diary