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Guest Blog – Gillian Clifton “January Rubbish Challenge” Week 6

This is the final segment Gillian has sent me. Here she lists the things she has found out since finishing the January Rubbish Challenge.

Take a look at the fruit and vegetable aisles of the supermarket and it looks like a sea of plastic. Why? And why are all cucumbers sheathed in plastic and has there ever been anything more pointless than vacuum packing a swede – a vegetable that is going to be peeled and boiled anyway?

So to summarise we have found:

1) York does not recycled yogurt pots etc but Selby does. Although you can only take them to Selby if you live there…

2) St Nick’s – YAY 🙂 We discovered St Nick’s and a whole load of stuff that can be taken there for recycling. I mean – biscuit wrappers? Can you believe it?

3) Toilet roll wrappers and the wrappers from multi-packs of bottled drinks can be
recycled with carrier bags.

4) The everlasting deodorant may be a myth but you can buy deodorant sticks that are made with naturally occurring minerals and involve no balls! There are mixed opinions about them on the internet so I suggest if you are interested do a bit of research first.

5) City of York Council take glass jars with the lids screwed on!

6) Some shops are happy for customers to take their own boxes when buying cheese etc – others are not. I think this is a case of people power i.e. the more of us who shop this way the quicker they’ll get to used to it.

So here it is….. Drum roll please. . . . . . .
The Weft of Shame – it’s weaving Jim but not as we know it!

The Weft of Shame

The Weft of Shame!


Told you it was ugly. The section on the left that is nice and even is the plastic-free bit.

Happy Recycling – Gillian


I want to thank Gillian for the trials and tribulations she has shared with us here. I know it has been at times disheartening but I hope on the whole you can see what that you have done the best you can with the resources and infrastructure available to you. If everyone thought a little more and attempted to do what you and Chris did even just for a week they would see that resolving the issue of waste management is not going to be easy, nor should it be ignored.

You can see the Weft of Shame on display here at St Nicks, we will also be bringing it to some of our upcoming events.  If you would like to contribute as a guest blogger please just get in touch!

Next week I will be posting a blog on how the vote to leave the European Union may affect recycling and waste management.

Thanks for reading!

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