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Guest Blog – Gillian Clifton “January Rubbish Challenge” Week 4

This week our Recycling Co-ordinator Sam Taylor gets a bit philosophical in her comments below… The next post, which will unfortunately be delayed until 15th June, will focus again on the practicalities and tips for landfill minimisation!

It is time to say farewell to my lonely tomato, ie I’m going to eat it. Which means I have to deal with the pesky packaging.

 GC tomatoMark challenged the supermarket today and took in our own containers for cheese and salmon. All fruit and veg were bought loose so we had no packaging from the shopping. The feedback from most people, including the people manning the Tesco ship has been pretty positive. I will be warping up the loom tomorrow so watch this space for the landfill work of art. I bet my bottom dollar it will be a plastic picture!

 Also – did you know that apparently you can buy an everlasting deodorant. If it’s true then it’s goodbye to all those weird roller balls – as the actress said to the other actress


If you have read this guest blog over the last three weeks you will have noticed a recurring theme.  The only material that is coming up week after week for being impossible to avoid but also almost impossible to recycle… Plastic!

As I said in a previous post small changes by individuals can soon add up, “every little helps”. If only a few people challenge themselves and their local supermarket/shop/deli by taking in their own containers rather than using the plastic provided it is better than nothing.  It may even be seen as unusual enough to start a conversation going so other people may start thinking about their own use of plastics. Soon enough packaging companies will have to start addressing it…

I realise fully that this view is highly simplistic and potentially naive, however, I shall stick by it.  Making simple changes is the way forward with any environmental issue, even if it may sometimes feel insignificant.  I’ve found that thinking too hard about any one environmental issue whether it is plastics, climate change or even dog fouling can be really disheartening.  If you focus on the negatives you would soon give up hope and potentially stop doing the little things you can do to make a difference. So make the changes you can, contribute in the ways you can and when other people see how much difference you’ve made they might just follow suit and try to change the little things they do.  Before you know it, it would be seen as unusual to not take your own containers to the supermarket!

As an aside, one of the staff here at St Nicks reuses their pizza boxes when they get a takeaway – a new piece of grease proof paper inside and it’s as good as new! Whilst the staff at the takeaway did at first have qualms they soon got used to it. The point is everyone has a different perception of what is normal, what they can achieve and even how they’ll do it.  I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes “Normal is an illusion, what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly”. Charles Addams.

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