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Guest blog – Gillian Clifton “January Rubbish Challenge” week 2

Thrown awayThis week Gillian has discovered that information on recycling is not always easy to find…

“Well I never!

Here’s something I didn’t know until today – deodorant bottles can be recycled in the hard plastic skip at the tip (if they have one). However lids on jars are a different matter. Some sites say stick them in the box with the glass jar but the lids must be screwed on. Other sites say put the lids in the glass recycling box but the lids absolutely should not be screwed on. Then some recycling info says just chuck them into landfill.

 After at least 30 minutes in depth research I am very confused. I’m guessing City of York Council are a bit busy with other things at the moment – flooding etc- so I will hang onto my mayonnaise lid until further notice.”


Our Recycling Co-ordinator Sam Taylor adds:
Luckily for those residents whose recycling is collected by us at St Nicks, any confusion can be quickly cleared up by talking to residents and leaving leaflets explaining what we can collect and an explanation for anything we’ve had to leave behind. We take lids for glass jars whether they are separate or still screwed onto the jars.  We can only collect plastic deodorant bottles if they are grade 1 or 2 plastic (if you check the packaging you’ll be able to find a small triangle with a number printed inside, if it’s a 1 or 2 we can take it).  TerraCycle have recently launched an Aerocycle campaign to recycle deodorant aerosols which St Nicks are signed up to. We can collect aerosol cans which we send to TerraCycle who in turn make them into outdoor gym equipment.  So please leave your deodorant aerosols out in your recycling boxes if we collect your recycling, or you can drop them off at St Nicks.

It has been widely documented recently that inconsistencies in what is collected in different areas could be putting people off of recycling although work is currently underway to improve this.  Even between St Nicks and City of York Council there are differences in what we collect, for example at St Nicks we collect aluminium foil but CYC don’t, we can also collect books (in good condition).  The nature of our operation means we have more scope to increase what we can collect.  As we are working on a smaller scale with local recycling purchasers options are greater for us than say CYC who have over 75 000 properties to collect from – to modify an operation of that scale takes a lot of time and planning.

Unfortunately, recycling seems to be one of those things you either do or don’t do, and I don’t believe much of that relates to confusion over what can be collected but rather perceptions of recycling being complicated, a waste of time or somehow dirty.  It is none of those things. I have lost count of the number of people who have said to me “well it all ends up in landfill anyway” – no, it doesn’t.  We wouldn’t spend the time and effort doing what we do if it did; everything we collect is made into new products.  So just have a think about what stops you from recycling (although if you are reading this I think you already will be!), I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts.

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