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August 2014: Spotlight on… Oak Galls

In simple terms, a plant gall is the plant’s response to something that another organism does to it. The overall effect is a little bit like what your body does when a nettle stings it, but gall production is more complicated and still isn’t fully understood. There are hundreds of kinds of galls in Britain, […]

Posted 15 August 2014 | Categories: Spotlight on..., Wildwatch | Tags: currant gall, knopper gall, Marble Gall, oak galls, spangle gall

Wildwatch: 7 December – Galls, Gulls and Gusts!

Weather: Heavy showers, sunny intervals, cool, fresh to strong, gusty wind Observers: Phil, Kaye, Kaj, Janetta, Ian A grey, wintery sky promised rain as we set off from the Centre – and we got it! It was a cold and very wet rain when it arrived, but fortunately it only lasted about half an hour. […]

Posted 7 December 2011 | Categories: Wildwatch | Tags: Lapwing, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Marble Gall