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Green spaces, gardening & wellbeing – Sense of responsibility

This blog is part of a series based on the infographic by Decorative Aggregates. Read the previous posts here. In this month’s blog we are going to be taking a look at how caring for a plant or garden, and having a sense of responsibility to care for it, can help us to feel better […]

Posted 23 October 2020 | Categories: Ecotherapy, Inspiration | Tags: ecotherapy, greenspaces, grow your own, homegrown, litterpick, mental health, plants, responsibility, seeds, self care

Volunteer Insights: Stewart and Eithne

It’s Volunteers’ Week again- a time to celebrate our volunteers and all of the incredible work that they do for us. As Volunteer Coordinator, I thought it would be a great idea to chat to some of our wonderful volunteers to find out what they get out of volunteering and why they keep coming back! […]

Posted 1 June 2018 | Categories: Inspiration, Volunteers' diary | Tags: confidence, ecotherapy, family, greenspaces, health and wellbeing, retired, Skills, volunteer, volunteer diary, volunteer week, volunteering week, Wildwatch