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Anneliese’s Autumnal Acrostics

Anneliese (on the left) with the finished poems and St Nicks Events Officer Ivana

Anneliese (on the left) with the finished poems and St Nicks Events Officer Ivana

St Nicks patron and local poet Anneliese Emmans Dean was helping Autumn Fayre 2016 visitors write 2 acrostic poems about autumn. Here they are (or as much as we could decipher):

York MP Rachael Maskell adding a line to our poem (by AE Dean)

York MP Rachael Maskell adding a line to our first poem (photo by AE Dean)

Comforting cake for an acrostic
Eating cake…
Leaving allotment bounty on my godparents’ doorstep
Ensuring environmental policies radically transform our city, our nation, our world
Bobbing apples was amazing, I got 3 seconds!
Really, really, really looooong apple peels
Amazing autumnal activities
Totally blown away by apple juice making scrumptiousness
I’ve made apple juice – it was fun!
Newts, nymphs & nets – pond dipping in the summer
Gaining my potter’s spot

Apple and blackberry jelly was sooo tasty
Utterly amazing, a feat of undeniable skill, peeling the longest apple peel
Talking with old friends
Unique community poetry writing
Making pots on the wheel
Nature in the middle of town and in the community

All our pockets full with crab apples. Apples galore!
The red paint got on my fingers

Song thrushes, sycamores and sawflies
The clay was very fun

Nordic walking – a real support
Interested in collecting the aps
Cakes in abundance, which one’s best?
Keeping St Nicks clean and green
Sloe gin after Nordic walking!

Poem writer (by AE Dean)

One of many poem writers (photo by AE Dean)

Carefree autumnal strolls
Exciting colossal stick house
Looking for butterflies makes me feel happy
Environmental excitement ensues
Bird watching is so relaxing
Rolling in the grass is my favourite activity
A really lovely place for ALL people!
Tomtes live here
I like walking in the woods
Nail-biting apple peeling contest
Going through the bendy paths is fun

Acrobatic minibeasts
Under the trees it feels luxurious

The Amazing Wildlife Makes me Excited
Under the blue skies, cherries and children ripen. Excitement ensues
Millions of lilies
Nature at its best

Apple juice was nice!
The pond is my favourite part

Swinging on the swings
The wasp that landed on me was beautiful

Not easy making pots
I like walking the dog
Compost your compostables
Know your water voles…
Support for One Planet York

19 October 2016 | Categories: Stories