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18 Nov

Bearing Fruit: 14th November – Provocation of the Robins and edible hedges.

Core Group Members Present: Eileen, Jonathan, Steven, Elly, Paul, Darren, Vicki After welcoming a new group member Darren and returning member Elly our fist activity for the day was to help St Nicks Wildwatch Group with their valuable survey work by mapping Robin Territories. After getting ourselves familiar with their calls we set out around […]

16 Nov

Wildwatch: 16 November – “Aggressive, carnivorous predator” at St Nicks!

  Weather: Overcast, dull, no wind, cool. Observers: Ian, Kaye, Kaj, Kirsty, Linda, Janetta, Phil Yes, a typical November day! But, with a good number of observers today, we found a wide range of bird and flower species, as well as the “aggressive, carnivorous predator”, more of which later! The autumn colours are fading now, and many […]

12 Nov

Wildwatch: 12 November – Scandinavian visitors on Bird Walk

Well, no, not exactly Scandinavian visitors on today’s guided Bird Walk, but more seen on our Bird Walk! Read on.. Our guided Bird Walk today was led by local ornithologist, David Campbell, but due to the high turn-out (14 people), Ian was press-ganged as the deputy leader! We started off looking at the different birds coming to […]

09 Nov

Bearing Fruit: 7 November – The trees are now ordered!

Core Group Members Present: Eileen, Jonathan, Steven Exciting times on the Bearing Fruit project as after 9 months of research, planning, mapping and expert consultancy we have finally decided on the trees for the orchard! Trees ordered are a mix of top fruits including apples, plums and pears, hedging trees such as blackthorn, crab apple, […]

09 Nov

Bearing Fruit: 24 October – Wild Flower Planting

Group Members Present: Eileen, Steven H, Steven, Patrick, Ross, Paul, Richard, Vicki, Jonathan Monday 24th October saw Bearing Fruit’s Core Group host a family planting day at St Nicks. It was a little early for planting trees so wildflowers were brought which will help bring some of the orchard sites to life when they flower […]

09 Nov

Wildwatch: 9 November – A popular bird feeder

Weather: Overcast, dull, cool, light breeze. Observers: Kaj, Kallan, Ian Our run of beautiful weather on Wednesday mornings couldn’t last! Today, the autumn colours were rather muted by the dull light. But, with very little wind, our bird population was quite active, and there were still a few flowering plants around. The water level in […]

02 Nov

Wildwatch: 2 November – Focus on fungi!

Weather: Mainly sunny late am. Slight breeze. Lovely light – again! Observers: Jonathan, Kaj, Kaye, Ian, with rangers and reserve volunteers, and Alan Braddock, our guest naturalist. For the third Wednesday in a row, we have been fortunate with the weather, with, later in the morning, blue skies and lovely autumn colours. How long will […]

26 Oct

Wildwatch: 26 October – a new bird for St Nicks!

Weather: Mainly sunny, chilly breeze, beautiful light again Observers: Jonathan, Kaye, Rachel, Ian Another delightful morning, if a little cool. Autumn is definitely under way! And the autumn colours are getting stronger. Recent rain has raised water levels in the two becks, and Osbaldwick Beck is now flowing, instead of being a tangled mass of vegetation! […]

19 Oct

Wildwatch: 19th October – Wagtail and pincushion!

Weather: Sunny, cool breeze, beautiful light! Observers: Kaye, Jonathan, Ian A complete contrast to last Wednesday’s wet Wildwatch, with sunshine, beautiful light and lovely autumn colours. Water levels in both becks were still quite high, but not as high as last week. Birds: We conducted a slightly more formal survey of Robin territories, mapping the locations […]

13 Oct

Wildwatch: 12th October – A late Chiffchaff

Weather: Light, continuous rain; no wind. Observers: Kaye, Ian Water levels in both Tang Hall and Osbaldwick Becks were very high due to the overnight (and morning!) rain. Annual plants along Osbaldwick Beck are dying back noticeably.  There are still some berries on early fruiting shrubs – elder, bramble, blackthorn.  And there’s abundant rose hips, haws,  […]