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20 Jun

Wildwatch: 20 June 2012 – Blooming and confusing

Weather: Hot and sunny! Observers: Hannah, Ian, Kaye, with guests.. another Hannah and Ian! Kaye took our two guests on a tour of the reserve, whilst Hannah and Ian went in search of breeding evidence in birds. The two groups met up from time to time, and, between us, we covered most of the reserve. […]

14 Jun

Wildwatch: 13 June 2012 – Flesh Flies and Welted Thistles!

Weather: Mainly cloudy with sunny intervals. Light breeze. Observers: Hannah, Hazel, Ian, Janetta, Kaj, Lindsay With the heavy rains over the weekend, both becks were flowing fast and furious, Tang Hall Beck in particular. The water level in the latter was just a foot below the top of the culvert. We did a circuit around […]

07 Jun

Wildwatch: 6th June 2012 – Gone Fishin’?

Weather: Warm, bright with one brief shower. Observers: Ian, Linda, Peter, Kaye Birds: A long Kingfisher watch produced a number of Wood Pigeons, a couple of Magpies, a female Blackbird collecting muddy nest materials, two Mallards, one small fish and a floating triangular item that probably wasn’t the shark of Tang Hall Beck. We are […]

31 May

Wildwatch: 30 May 2012 – Positives and negatives

Weather: Warm & sunny Observers: Hazel, Ian, Janetta, Kaj, Linda, Lindsay We started off with a half-hour kingfisher watch, with Linda and Kaj going to the usual Kingfisher Watch Point and Ian, Hazel and Lindsay going to the sluice, which is not often watched. Janetta did her usual excellent job of recording some of the plant […]

23 May

Wildwatch: 23 May 2012 – Big bird gives us a buzz!

Weather: Hot and sunny. Clear at first. Some cloud later. Observers: Ian, Janetta, Kaj, Kaye, Linda At last, a warm sunny morning for our Wildwatch activities! Kaj and Linda headed out for another prolonged search for Kingfisher, and endured the hot sun for over an hour. The others went round the reserve on another fruitless […]

17 May

Wildwatch: 16th May 2012 – Galling Experience?

Weather: mainly sunny and warm; occasional chill from a light breeze. Observers: Hannah, Janetta, Linda, Lindsay, Kaye. On a day like this, with no need for an occasional quick sprint to get warm, a very small area of the reserve could have kept us happy for hours. We made it along the Bund as far […]

10 May

Wildwatch: 9 May 2012 – Nest Building & Bugs!

Weather: Sunny intervals, light breeze Observers: Carrie, Hannah, Ian, Janetta, Kaj, Kaye, Linda, Lindsey, Richard After a discussion with Jonathan, the Volunteer Co-ordinator, about the involvement of the group in more systematic studies of the wildlife, we split into two teams. Some of us went with Richard, to observe and participate in his detailed studies […]

03 May

Wildwatch: 2 May 2012 – Blackcaps 4, Kingfishers 0!

Weather: Sunny intervals, light, cool breeze, warmer through morning Observers: Carrie, Ian, Linda, Lindsay, Kaj, Kaye Nice to feel the sun on our faces! Despite the heavy rain and flooding over the past week, the reserve has dried out nicely. Last Friday, Tang Hall Beck was about 50 feet wide and even the culvert was […]

27 Apr

Wildwatch: 25th April 2012 – It might have been a Blackcap

Weather: Overcast, turning to rain. Strengthening wind. Chilly. Observers: Janetta, Lindsay, Philip, Vicky, Kaye The forecast rain luckily held off until the end of the morning. Tang Hall Beck, which was almost at flood level on Saturday, had dropped considerably but was still higher than usual and running fast between very muddy banks. The paths […]

19 Apr

Wildwatch: 18th April 2012 – Rain stops play

Weather: wet, cool, light breeze. Observers: Linda, Lindsay, Richard, Kaye Plans for an in-depth area bird watch followed by a bug study had to be postponed because of increasingly heavy rain. Richard checked out his proposed transect and a couple of alternative sites, but found that even the woodlice had gone too deep into shelter […]